Image - Grigsby Consulting LLC Background 2600x1500

Persona: Software Integration Architect and Author with Full Stack experience 

Goals: Continue being a “Doer” and “Fixer” of Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana for clients by designing and implementing robust, scalable, testable, maintainable and supportable software applications on IOT, mobile, desktop and web using with Voice and Graphical User Interfaces (VUI | GUI).

Requirement: C2C only near Indianapolis, IN, prefer downtown, with some flexibility around core hours and remote office use. Open to max of 25% travel and 75-100% remote. 

Primary Use-Case: “Fixer | Doer” to transform goals of client management into durable, scalable, testable cloud and/or on premise cost effective applications that leverage process compliance, security and human passion to provide insight into analytics supporting the mission of the organization.

Technology Platforms: AWS, Linux [Ubuntu 16x, Oracle/RedHat 6x] , Mac [OSX, iOS],  Microsoft [ Azure, Windows, DOS], Google [ Android, Chromium] 

Technology Stacks: LAMP, MAMP, WAMP, XAMPP, Bitnami, Java Spring, OSI

Technology Frameworks: .NET [.NET Framework 1.0-4.x at Microsoft when called Com++, ASP.NET(Ajax, WCF, MVC), NET Core 2x, Entity Framework], Java [ Spring, Apache ]

Software Languages : C#, Java, JS [ Javascript, ES4-7, Node JS, React, Angular, Jade|Gulp,Typescript, APEX, Aura, Lightning, Google Apps Script (GAS) ], HTML 5, CSS 3, Go, Swift, Objective-C, C++, Python, PHP, Perl, BASIC [Visual Basic, VBA, QuickBasic, IBM Basic A, BASIC] Assembler, SQL, FoxPro [VFP 9, DOS 2.6], dBase II-IV, Lisp  

Database Engines: Microsoft SQL [4-14], MySQL [5.1-5.7], Salesforce SOQL, Heroko, MongoDB [NoSQL], SQLite, Oracle, Foxpro, Microsoft Access, dBase II-IV, Btrieve, ISAM

Technology Tools: AWS*-CLI, Bash, PowerShell, VMWare, Parallels, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Xcode, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 1.0-2017, Xamarin, Eclipse, Azure Data Studio [SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS),Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) ], Amazon Console and CLI’s [EC2, S3, Beanstalk, Cloud Front, Lambda, Alexa Skill Developer, , ATOM, Sublime, Axure, InVision, FileZilla, Scrivener, Git, SVN, Atlassian [Jira, Confluence, Trello], Bugzilla, Azure Dev Ops [VSTS], Postman, SoapUI, NetMon, WireShark,  Skype, Discord, Zoom, GTM, Microsoft Office Products [VBA, Excel, Word, OneNote, Project, Access, Powerpoint, Viso], Ant, Junit, unit, mocha, nyc-[Istanbul], nom, nuget, GitHub, cohesion, G-Suite, WordPress, MailChimp , Google Analytics, EPIC Games – Unreal Engine 4x, Blender, Curl, make, build, Cruise Control

Technology Protocols: HTTP| HTTPS, FTP, MAILTO, SMTP, FILE, GOPHER, TCP/IP, UDP, SOAP, Serial, Parallel

Technology API (SDK’s) via SOAP|XML, REST|Json, library, dll, header, BIOS Interrupt : Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, DocuSign, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp, Linux, Windows, DOS, MAC OSX, .NET Framework SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java SDK, AutoCad ADI and SDK 

Technology Domains: Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), AI, machine learning, DTM, IoT, Web, CRM, CMS, eSignature,  embedded, Software and Digital publishing, DevOps, Process automation and virtualization of knowledge transfer, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

Business Domains:  Insurance, Legal, Financial, Accounting, Software Engineering, Quantifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Government, Non-Profits. 

Specification: Develop needed applications in an accurate cost effective manner using agile practices and latest approved platforms leveraging effective software tools and techniques with a mobile device priority focus.

Special skills: “Fixer | Doer” ability to see the simple commercially cost effective viable solution through seemingly lead walls.

Favorites: code, OO, ORM, Design Patterns, algorithms, UI, VUI, AI, stringbuilder, streams, REST, json, aws*-cli, powershell, bash, “mov ax, bx”, a2 + b2 = c2,regex patterns, spelunking code, macbook pro with parallels for linux, prioritizing my bucket list backlog, and boot camped windows and hiking outdoors.