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Each Proof Point below is presented as a representation of work sanitized for public view and consumption for those wanting to see work products that have been done. It is important to note the bulk (95%+) of the projects done by Grigsby Consulting LLC are under active non-disclosure statements. All the information provided as-is and without any warranty expressed or implied.

Transcribe Voice Memo to Text – Bash & Python & FFMPEG & VSCode

Background: Via Siri or manually open up the voice memo app on Mac or iPhone and take a voice memo then save the voice memo with a descriptive name if desired and share to your Google Drive. Via terminal run Bash Shell to transcribe the voice memo file on Google Drive showing in finder via Google Drive sync or stream and when it’s complete it would move the voice memo to a processed folder with the transcript.txt copied there as well with the same name as the voice memo


GitHub Project:

Test Driven Development (TDD)– CSharp (C#) using MSTest for a presentation.

Background: I was given a fantastic opportunity to speak to the undergraduate students at the University of North Florida taking course CGS3001: Current Trends in Computing Technology 1 Friday, March 17th, 2017.



GitHub Project:




Questions and Answers:

SalesforceSwitch and Case in APEX: (25.1K views)

DocuSign – Header x-docusign-authentication (2.4K)

DocuSign – Updating a data field [tag] after sending (1.5K)