Mission Statement: Increase your return on investment (ROI) by integrating human and system processes into durable metrics for proven Intellectual Capital resulting in higher Price Premium

Grigsby Consulting LLC is intellectual capital leveraged for your business integrating human and system metrics concerning Intellectual Capital  key performance indicators (KPI’s) using experiential skills via customized consulting, software integration, tools, formalized digital content, books and courses available via freemium community participation, marketplace purchase, multifaceted subscription models including retainers to provide proven and verifiable increases to investor price premium while enhancing or validating the book value of bootstraps, startups and established companies.

  • Do you have an integration challenge with Amazon™ Web Services (AWS), Azure™, Salesforce™, Google™, Microsoft™, DocuSign™, eSignature, and other application programming interface’s (API) that your development team hasn’t resolved?
  • Do you desire to replace a key senior architect-developer until you can find a permanent replacement?
  • Do you desire an Amazon Skills for your business process?
  • Do you desire to hire top-tier developers but don’t have the technical interviewer needed?
  • Do you desire an independent assessment of your Intellectual Property embedded in the code base of your company?
  • Do you desire a proof of concept developed?
  • Do you desire a proof of concept architected?
  • Do you desire a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) for a development project?
  • Do you need a trusted goto individual available when you need that impartial opinion?
  • Do you desire to train and instruct your developers on a specific platform or API from a developer perspective in a group or 1:1 setting via formalized or customized content?
  • Do you desire to implement, update or validate the key performance indicators (KPI‘s) concerning intellectual capital used to drive higher price premium and ROI while enhancing the book value of your bootstrap, startup, acquisition or existing company?

If any of the above situations match yours, please contact us so we can begin to investigate your desire to achieve your desired results.

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